Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson | Bengali | Released: 01-Dec-2018

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After the grand success of the 2010 sci-fi thriller Enthiran, director S. Shankar is back with its sequel. Reviving the iconic robot Chitti from the previous film, 2.0 takes the story forward. Only this time, the threats get more dangerous with the appearance of a monstrous villain. Just like its predecessor, 2.0 is high on special effects and a unique plot packed with action. It marks the Tollywood debut of Akshay Kumar. The actor will be seen as the primary antagonist- a blue-skinned winged entity known as The Fifth Force! Rajnikanth, on the other hand, reprises his double role of Chitti the robot and Dr. Vaseegaran the scientist. This is also the first film to bring the two megastars together in one frame.

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