Parasailing : As far as aero-sports thrills go, Parasailing is a simple enough concept. One or two passengers attached to a parachute fastened to a vehicle cruise in the air as the vehicle drives thru the runway. Parasailing is a kind of activity where you are tied behind a vehicle and are towed away across the runway length. The vehicle has a special canopy wing which is known as a parachute and you are tied professionally to it. When the vehicle starts to move you get pulled along and the air makes the parachute to open and fly off high in the air. Although there is technically no age limit for Parasailing, commercial Parasailing operators do observe a weight limit. Depending on the operator, passengers typically must weigh no less than 55-60 kgs individually (as low as 40 kgs with some operators) and no more than 155-160 kgs as a pair (as high as 210 kgs with others). Adults should always accompany their children.
Paramotoring : Parmotoring ... As with any gravity-defying thrill, there is an element of adventure to Paramotoring. An event one needs to experience. Here you are a bird... flying above the birds themselves... and just then when the pilot makes a spiral... it sends your adrenaline rushing... However, the activity is absolutely safe in the hands of our Pilot... what with the Rotax 582 Engine producing 65 BHP of Power... (the same engine which powers a Microlight, leaving the competition far behind) an activity where you fly upto about 700 feet above the ground.. the air rushing against you.. the view which is amazing... In other words "a personal experience" is the best way to make you describe this event... Come and participate... Bulk bookings / Corporate groups (20 and above) attract discounts Bookings to happen 1 week prior Adventure sport subject to slot availability and permissible weather

Paramotoring and Parasailing 9

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